Because you read this I assume you are often dealing with people from other cultures. Congratulations, as you have the opportunity to broaden your horizon, to learn about other ways of thinking and to learn about yourself.

But, I know, sometimes it can also be frustrating to deal with people from other cultures. If you are on holidays abroad, you can go home after a couple of weeks, and then the misunderstandings are fun to talk about with your family and friends. But what if you actually live abroad? If you have to deal with people from other cultures because of your work? If you are an international manager?

Then you can’t simply step out. Instead, you need to overcome the obstacles and improve your cultural competence. I’d be happy to help you with that. Whether you’re an international manager, a member of an international team or you plan to live in Hungary or in The Netherlands, you can benefit from training and coaching by someone who has first hand experience, who has a professional background in personal and organisational development and who will focus on what you need to deal successfully with other cultures.

Michel Daenen


What can Crossing Cultures do for you?

Executive Coaching

Individual (online) coaching for expat-managers and international leaders to increase intercultural effectiveness. Read more

Group Training

Customised training programs for multicultural teams, students and professionals to develop intercultural skills. Read more


Lectures about effectively living and working in The Netherlands or Hungary. Read more

“Michel is engaging and enthusiastic. It was fun listening to his personal anecdotes and stories.”

“Michel is very skillful, resourceful, friendly, willing to help, prepared, organised and acted also as a mentor. A person who knows his profession.”

“Extremely worth attending. Gives plenty of information which helps you understanding people with different background. Tips were very useful.”

“The program was more helpful than I thought, it didn’t feel like a class, more like friendly conversations.”

“Tailored program to my particular issues and management needs.”

“It is really worth the time, attention and money.”

“Michel is very professional and sympathetic.”

“It was very useful and I enjoyed it very much.”

“Michel is very passionate and authentic, very knowledgeable, flexible and open.”

“Michel was very helpful and encouraging. I usually don’t open up to people about my feeling and struggles, but I did with him and I am very happy I did. He reassured me and gave me more hope.”